Tambor Folklórico Cuba

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The Study of Afro-Cuban Folkloric Drumming in Cuba

Dates: 3rd – 17th February 2020

For the third time, we are offering a small group of students (maximum 13) the opportunity to study with some of  the most renowned ritual and folkloric drummers in Cuba including Los Chinitos, Osain del Monte, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas and Afro-Cuba de Matanzas in Havana and Matanzas the hubs of Afro-Cuban music in Cuba. We also introduce students to the rich ritual drumming experiences putting Afro-Cuban drumming into context. This course is aimed at students with some folkloric drumming experience.


We will follow a schedule of 10 teaching days, with one 3-hour masterclass per day (30 hours over two weeks). There will be at least 2 teachers per session. In the afternoons and evenings, we will have a chance to go to events such as ritual tambores, rumbas, gigs etc. (Teaching begins 4th Feb and finishes on the 15th Feb).


Total Cost: £950; Early Bird rate of £830 for the first 5 people who reserve and pay a deposit of £100

Deposit: £100 to be paid by 30th September 2019. The deposit is non-refundable, but we will refund the deposit at the beginning of October 2019 if the trip does not take place.

Payment Option: 5 instalments of £170 (£146 for Early Bird payers) can be paid monthly by direct debit. The first instalment (+ the deposit) is to be paid by 30th September 2019 and the subsequent instalments are due at the beginning of the month (starting beginning of November).

What your payment covers:

Accommodation in a shared room with a twin bed. If you would like your own room please add £150. ·
Evening meal
10 x 3 hours of classes (extra classes can be arranged in the afternoon on an individual basis)
Travel to and from Matanzas

What it doesn’t include:

Visas / Insurance
Transport within Cuba except to and from Matanzas (To and from the airport budget £25 both ways)
Extra classes
Excursions to the beach (budget £8)
Excursions to a hotel pool (budget £25 which includes lunch and drink)
Rum! (budget £4 per bottle!)

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! These prices are based on the current currency conversion of £1 = CUC 1.22668. If the pound took a major dive and the prices would go up, we might ask you for an additional payment to cover for the currency conversion loss, as we’re trying to offer an economic price for the course and are on a very tight budget, but we don’t think that an additional payment would exceed £10 to £20 per person.

How to book

Please register your interest by emailing us at admin@bomboproductions. If you are new to us please summarise your drumming experience to date.

Please note that this is offer is subject to having enough people sign up to the course, so please do not book any flights or time off from work before we confirm to you at the beginning of October if the trip will take place.


“A unique chance to get up close to a living tradition in its homeland and experience it hands-on with its finest exponents – a tradition which is recognised and taught throughout the world but very rarely experienced first hand. All for less than the price of the average holiday!” John Kelly 2019 (Professional musician)

“If you have any desire to truly study this music, this course is for you. To listen to this music and study it at home is one thing but to see it in its own environment and to witness the love and depth of musicality that the masters have, is another thing. And, on top of that, to be taken by Dave and Vicky, who are known and respected by the local musicians, will allow you a very unique and worthwhile experience.” Gaspar Sena 2019 (Professional musician)

“A wonderful opportunity to study with the very best musicians, learn about the history of the music and see it all in context, while still feeling like a holiday.” Karen Steadman 2019

“A perfect way into experiencing and learning this unique music in its unique context.” Dave O’Brian 2019 (Professional musician)