Song Workshop with Luca Brandoli Cancelled

26th March 2020 at 18:30 – 20:30
Song workshop based on the Cajón Espiritual Tradition.
Come and join us for this guest appearance by Luca Brandoli who will teach sequences of Espiritual, Palo and Makuta songs.
LUCA BRANDOLI, three-time CUBADISCO (CUBAN GRAMMY) nominee, is an Italian-born percussionist/singer/composer who has followed his passion for Afro Cuban music since his teenage years. He has studied the sacred songs, and rhythms on the batá drums of Cuba’s Yoruba tradition in-depth, and has researched extensively Congo, Arará, Franco-Haitian rhythms and songs throughout Cuba. In Southern California, he is a sought after percussionist and singer for ceremonies of various Afro Cuban sacred traditions, as well as in fiestas of rumba. Sharing his research, Brandoli has produced the first volume in a series of recordings/songbooks of ten orishas of Cuba’s Yoruba tradition. In addition, he has recorded six CDs of Afro-Cuban music with some of Santiago de Cuba’s most esteemed folkloric percussionists and singers.
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