Rumba Buena Schools Project

A new and unique musical experience bringing the Cuban Rumba into your school

Born in the barrios of Havana, Rumba is a collective musical experience at the very heart of Cuban culture. It combines those three most fundamental elements of human performance, singing, percussion and dance* which can still be heard when Cubans get together for a fiesta!  

Rumba was created by working-class Cubans who drew on the musical sounds around them; numerous African styles brought to the New World through the slave trade and those of the Spanish settlers. The infectious rhythms and inclusive singing have in turn been hugely influential on the wider world of Latin music including Son, Mambo, Salsa and more recently, Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop.

Rumba Buena is led by a group of professional musicians who have years of experience performing Afro-Cuban styles as well as in music education working with all ages and abilities. Rumba Buena is a bespoke workshop that can be tailored to your needs, anything from a simple demonstration to week-long projects incorporating various elements of performance and composition. As well as introducing students to an exciting new polyrhythmic music genre, Rumba Buena also aims to include many of the elements of the various Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level syllabuses. It can also lead to a range of cross-curricular projects incorporating history, languages and social studies.

To get in touch please email or call Matthew West directly on 07932 033090

*The standard workshop involves simple movement but if you wish to explore this beautiful dance further please ask. Rumba Buena work regularly with leading Cuban dancers and choreographers and can incorporate this into a demonstration or workshop.