“A good insight into some basic Afro-Cuban rhythms and their structure…from a very inspiring, interesting and patient teacher.” C. Alleyne (student 2019)

Afro-Cuban Drumming Course – Level 1


September: Times: 7-9.00 pm

Location:  Rising Tide Studios, 270 Mare St, Hackney, London E8 1HE

This 12-week course can be attended as a whole term or broken into three separate modules. The classes are aimed at beginners or those with limited experience playing Afro-Cuban percussion. The course will introduce the main musical components of Afro-Cuban drumming as well as work on conga techniques, clave and syncopation. Bombo Productions prides itself on providing a friendly supportive environment where students can enjoy learning music whilst connecting with a community of people passionate about drumming.

Bombo Productions offers a range of courses that cater for three levels of ability. This course is suitable for both complete beginners and those with limited experience. If you are not sure which level you are at why not visit our Learning Objectives and Student Levels page on our website. If you are not sure if this course is suitable to your level please get in touch admin@bomboproductions.com.

Taught by Vicky Jassey.

Modules & Dates: 



This beautiful drumming style is maintained and developed in Cuba but originated in the ancient West-African kingdom of Dahomey.


Batá drumming is one of the most ubiquitous folkloric and ritual drumming styles in Cuba. Played on three hour-glassed double-sided drums.
Cajón Espiritual


Played on wooden boxes, this style is based on rumba, with a specific repertoire of songs.

Instruments are provided.

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Prices:                          Early-bird payment before 11th February
1 Module x 4 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5602″]
2 Modules x 8 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5603″]
3 Modules x 12 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5604″]
Standard rate after 11th February
1 Module x 4 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5605″]
2 Modules x 8 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5607″]
3 Modules x 12 weeks [add_to_cart id=”5608″]
Drop-In  [add_to_cart id=”5618″]

Not sure what to expect? If you are not happy after the first class we will refund you the remaining course fee.

Alternative payment method
You can also make a bank transfer. Please send an email to reservations@bomboproductions.com and we will send you our account details. Any questions feel free to ask.

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