We have, of course, temporarily cancelled all classes in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. We REALLY hope to be back soon! In fact, we are hoping to run our summer camp CAMP IROKO in August. In the meantime, check out our latest project in response to the lockdown restrictions,  CORO NA MÁ by Coro de Clave Cuban Harmony Choir.

If you would like to continue studying, here are some suggestions:

Drumming and Percussion

Bespoke online 1-1 tuition with video
How it works
1)  You decide on a genre, instrument, technique that you would like to work on. If you not sure we can make suggestions.
2) We prepare a short instruction video that breaks down the components or demonstrates variations and/or provides a minus one ensemble for you to practice with which could include songs.
2) You receive the video, practice with it and when your ready book a time with us for an online 1-1.
3) During the 1-1 online lesson, you will be able to ask questions, ask for further clarification, variations, or simplifications. You can also demonstrate your playing. What we can’t do during an online lesson (sadly) is play as an ensemble because of sound delay issues. We see these online lessons as a personal improvement tool so that when we do finally come together we can play more effectively as an ensemble.
10 min video plus 30  minutes online 1-1 cost £45 (waged) £35 (low-income)
Instruments and practice room
If you don’t have instruments to practice on, talk to us and we can make suggestions as to how you could get around this using other objects. Alternatively, you could hire our small 1-3 person practice room complete with drums and percussion instruments in Manor House. The cost of this is £15 for min 2 hours.
Coro de Clave Cuban Roots Community Choi
We currently provide all our students with online resources which they can use to continue their studies. We are in discussions about ways in which we might be able to meet outside to limit chances of group contamination whilst keeping singing, socialising and keeping up our morale. Updates will follow.

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