Encuentro de Coros

Encuentro de Coros

We are very excited to announce our latest Coro de Clave collaboration, building on recent projects in Oxford with Steph Pirrie and the Jericho Singers, Bristol with Pitchblend  and The Bristol Afro-Cuban Collective, as well as Coro de Clave members in London, Wales, Scotland and Granada, Spain.

Over the last year, we have shared Coro de Clave’s repertoire in these various communities, and now we would like to bring them all together, culminating in a performance on the 23rd of March.

We invite you to join Encuentro de Coros, meaning Gathering of the Choirs.

The project will involve in-person and online workshops and rehearsal and performance, which will take place in Bristol. This project is open to all. Workshop and performance locations are tbc.

Bristol Workshop 1:
In-person & online
24th February 1:30 – 5:30
Oxford Workshop:
9th March 2:45 – 6:45
Bristol Workshop 2:
In-person & online
16th March 1:30 – 5:30
Bristol Rehearsal/Performance
23rd March
3:00 – 6:00 & 7:30 – 8:30


Standalone workshops are available, or if you would like to perform, you would be required to attend two workshops (at least one in-person) plus the rehearsal on the 23rd of March. In addition, we strongly encourage participants to listen to the recordings of the songs before attending. This speeds up learning and makes the musical experience richer and more enjoyable.

Returning Coro de Clave Singers

Standalone workshops are available, or If you would like to perform, you would be required to attend at least one workshop plus the rehearsal on the 23rd of March (you can attend a second workshop online if you wish). You will also be expected to do some home study of unfamiliar songs.

How to book

  1.  Fill out our registration form below. You will also find all the payment options here.
  2.  Make a payment using the link below.

Workshop Options

All participants will have access to teaching resources (audio recordings of the full arrangements, individual harmonies, and lyrics).

Option A: 1 standalone workshop – suitable if a participant wants a taster or is unavailable for the performance.

Option B: 1 workshop plus rehearsal and performance – suitable only for those who have previously performed with Coro de Clave in Bristol, Oxford or London.

Option C: 2 workshops plus rehearsal and performance – You can choose to attend one workshop online.  Suitable to anyone.

Payment Options:

We offer four payment options to accommodate different economic situations.

Earlybird – Deadline 24th January

Standard – For those paying after the 24th Jan or those who have good incomes and can for example pay all their bills monthly with no problem. Your extra contribution helps support our concessionary rate.

Conc – For anyone who would like to attend but is struggling financially.

Instalments – Those paying £95 or over can pay in two instalments. The first instalment has to be a minimum of £50. If you wish to pay this way, please get in contact: admin@bomboproductions.com 

Moving Voices UK is a charitable organisation which uses group singing to help support female survivors of human trafficking. If you would like to support our work, please consider donating. This goes towards providing group singing courses and assisting with travel costs and childcare.


Registration Form

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We take phone numbers in case of needing to contact you at short notice.

Choose your dates


Online Options

Workshops are streamed live and recorded. The online option is only available in conjunction with one in-person workshop. Please choose your date. You may only choose one.

Choose Your Payment Type

Option A - 1 standalone workshop

Standalone workshop – Available for any workshop prior to the 23rd March.
Option A - Standalone

Option B - 1 workshop, 1 rehearsal plus performance

This option is only available to those who have performed with Coro de Clave in the last year.
Option B

Option C - 2 workshops, 1 rehearsal plus performance

You can choose to attend 1 workshop in-person and 1 online – suitable for anyone.
Option C - Whole Package
Moving Voices UK supports Female Survivors of Human Trafficking transition and integrate into the wider community through group singing by working with an established mixed-gendered, intergenerational choir, Coro de Clave. Participation in this project provides vulnerable women with the opportunity to explore creativity, build confidence, participate in live performances, engage in local social activities and develop community cohesion. If you would like to make a contribution, please write the amount you would like to donate. Thank you. Find out more: https://www.bomboproductions.com/moving-voices-uk/


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