Bombo’s Afro-Cuban Drumming Trip 2019

Thank you to all the formidable teachers and talented students who join us on our mad 2019 Afro-Cuban drumming adventure to Havana and Matanzas. Teachers included – Javier Pina, Barbaro Yordany Crespo Richard, Rubén Bulnes, Ramón Tamayo Martínez, Angel Terry Domech, Irian Lopez, Afro Cuba de Afrocuba Matanzas, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, The Baró family and Joan Arguelles and Odelkis Abreu Socarras. Students included – Dave O’Brien, Gaspar Sena, Karen Sherrard, Isis Dunthorne, John Kelly, Matt Parkinson, Andrew Liddell, Ayoze De Alejandro Lopez, Matthew Phillips-West, Tristan Butler, Christine Hester Smith and a special thanks to Sandra Morales Cordovez and Luis Bran for their support.

Bata with Los “Chinitos” in San Miguel, Havana.

Batá with Julito Guerra and Angel Terry Domech in Oná Galeria, Havana.

Rumba with Osain del Monte, Havana.

Rumba with Osain del Monte in Oná Galeriá, Havana.

Rumba with Osain del Monte, Havana.

Batá with Joan Arguelles and Odelkis Socarras, Havana.

At the Baró family compound, Jovellanos.

On the bus going to our first class, Havana.

Waiting for the bus, Matanzas.

Arará with the Baró family.

Rumba with Idalberto Berriel “Puchito” musical director of Afrocuba de Matanzas and Luis Cancino Morales from Muñequitos de Matanzas.

The last supper.

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