Bespoke 1-1 & Small Group Classes

We offer a variety of bespoke classes on a variety of Latin American percussion to suit your level and needs. Below you will find a list of styles and instruments we specialise in teaching.

Cuban Styles
Afro Cuban – Rumba, Batá, Palo, Arará, Güiro
Popular Cuban – Salsa, Timba, Mozambique, Pilon. Chachacha

Main Instruments
Congas, Batá, Bongó, Timbal, Shekere, Güiro

Brazilian Styles
Afro Brazilian – Ijexa, Candomble de Angola, Candomble de Ketu, Maracatu
Popular Brazillian – Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode

Main Instruments
Atabaque, Alfaia, Shekere, Congas, Tamborim, Surdo, Pandeiro,Chocalho, Caixa


1-1 Private Class

1 hour [add_to_cart id=”5046″]

How to book a class

Before making a payment please email us on admin@bomboproductions and let us know the following:

  1. Your skill level and experience?
  2. What style you are interested in?
  3. Your availability, evenings, daytime, weekends?

Once you have booked your class you can use the payment option on this page.