Artistic Director


Vicky is the founder and Artist Director of Bombo Production since 2009. She has spearheaded Afro-Cuban folkloric music in the UK by facilitating a range of performance and educational events around the UK. Vicky is a singer and percussionist who has specialised in Afro Cuban folkloric music. She has worked with groups such as Edun Ara, Orchestra Bombo, Dilanga, Geraldo y Sus Amigos, Meta Meta and Rumba Oricha.

Vicky is also a scholar who completed her Masters in Performance at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. She went on to receive the prestigious South West Wales Doctoral Partnership scholarship for an ethnomusicology PhD on gender narratives in Cuban batá performance at Cardiff and Exeter University. Vicky worked as an independent researcher at Florida International University where she completed an oral history project called The Bearers of Sacred Sound based on ritual batá drummers in Miami. In September 2018 she completed her PhD entitled Tambor Reverberations: Gender, Sexuality and Change in Cuban Batá Performance.