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"All four tracks are as powerful and fiery as you could hope for (and as Rumba should be). Flawless singing and playing with complete conviction, precision and passion make this an essential purchase..." Blues & Soul Magazine - Snowboy

"La ritmatica sabrosa"- Enrique Plá - Irakere

"Excellent singing and great drumming make this a very cohesive group. The more I listen, the more I like them" -

Dilanga is made up of musicians who spearhead London’s Latin and Afro-Cuban music scene.The word ‘dilanga’ in Cuban Ki-congo means 'times past'. The choice of name reflects the Afro-Cuban traditions from which the group draws knowledge and inspiration.

True to the essence of rumba, Dilanga's style comes from injecting elements of our diverse musical backgrounds into the traditional form.  Our performance contains an energy and exuberance which is both visually and musically playful.

By nature Rumba should be an inclusive experience, we would therefore like to offer choirs, community groups or festivals the opportunity to participate in a range of workshops.

“Rumba refers to the dance or to the music played. Most importantly, it refers to the party where it all goes on.... a collective rum-fuelled atmosphere”.  Ned Sublette

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