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Cuban Roots Harmony Choir – Coro de Clave

Coros de Clave is the name given to the group singing which proliferated in the black communities of western Cuba from the last part of the 1800s until around 1920. They were mobile ensembles, often amassing over 100 members and would compete with other neighbouring groups. Bombo Productions has revived and transferred this beautiful idea of community singing to this century and expanded the repertoire to include other rumba-based styles.

Coro de Clave collaborates with a project called Moving Voices which supports female survivors of trafficking reintegrate into our local community through singing. Moving Voices is supported by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds funding.


Each session will be divided into three sections: Practical rhythm and voice exercises; that aim to develop an understanding of clave (the asymmetrical timeline that underpins Cuban music) and singing in contra time.

Repertoire; that builds on learning a body of songs from the Cuban rumba tradition.

Harmony; we will work on three and four-part vocal harmonies.

Timing; we will develop an understanding of clave and vocal rumba phrasing.

Recordings and Lyrics: All our arrangements and individual harmonies are available as Mp3’s. Once you sign up for a block of sessions you get access to our shared folders where we also provide lyrics.

When: Monday Evenings

Time: 6:30 – 8.30pm

Location:  The Warehouse, Flat A, (Bottom buzzer), Prince Geroge Road, N16 8DL, Dalston, Hackney.

How to Join:

Book yourself in for a drop-in and just turn up!


Drop-In Members Sign-up 12 Weeks *Members Sign-up 6 Weeks

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Drop-In Members Sign-up 12 Weeks *Members Sign-up 6 Weeks

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*The six week option allows you to attend any six non-consecutive sessions within a term. The current term runs from 3rd March – 18th May.

Alternative payment method
You can also make a bank transfer. Please send an email to reservations@bomboproductions.com and we will send you our account details.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Here is a recent recording from a collaboration with Amies Freedom Choir (a choir for young women trafficked into the UK) and Coro de Clave Community Choir.