Afro-Cuban & Brazilian Camp


15th-19th August 2018

One Voice Music & Bombo Productions is delighted to announce Camp Iroko 2018.

Camp Iroko is a four day Afro-Cuban & Brazilian drum camp in Wymondley Woods in Hertfordshire. This all inclusive event boasts a 20-acres conservation area with mature woods, stream, pond and grassland. We have camping and indoor accommodation with access and facilities for the disabled.

Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya, Dave Pattman and Vicky Jassey

The topics we’ll cover include; Afro-Cuban drumming (from Bata, Bembe, Guiro, Iyesa & Congo), Afro-Brazilian drumming (from Ijexa, Candomble de Angola & Candomble de Ketu) plus songs for all these traditions. 

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